Timothy Vs The Aliens Might be the ONLY Noir Alien Invasion Game

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Timothy Vs The Aliens is a moderate difficulty action-adventure that takes place in a 1940s’ish era gangster-ruled city. Timothy, the protagonist, is a likable ace who derives superhuman luck from an ace of hearts given to him by a race of alien masters when he was a child.

In this hardboiled work, worlds and their creatures are in separation by fluorescent color, googly-eye aliens, and the stark black-and-white nighttime of the city in which Timothy resides.

The story & introduction is straightforward, but the real main draw of this game is the action. Using old-school weapons, it’s up to you to blast away squishy aliens and get to the bottom of the alien invasion in Little Fish City. Okay, let’s do this.

Just want to say thank you to the developer WildSphere who made this showcase possible in collaboration with Indie Game Collective.

Gameplay in Timothy Vs The Aliens

If you have concerns about violence, it’s pretty cartoony here, and even my own uptightness really is indifferent to it. This is more of a comedy game than the suggested action/gangster themes. That helped me get to it. You’ll start off after the intro cinematic with a minor task to walk to your building from up the street to get the hang of the controls. There is a map pulled up by a button, which makes things a lot easier. As you walk, you can pick up floating wads of cash. I guess this is kind of like coins, with the exception that I’m pretty sure you can spend them on weapons later.

After a nap in the office, Timothy wakes up to a disturbance. You investigate the hallway to discover goopy orange aliens wandering around. The solution? Yeah, shoot ’em! The alien presence is definitely problematic in the scheme of things. You start off with a basic revolver, which is good for one shot every few seconds. Luckily it’s balanced with a responsive aim system with the left controller trigger. I really recommend a controller for this game, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

After prowling around the building, popping off orange dudes, there’s a big gnarly green alien guy who likes to eat people! I got eaten a couple of times and stopped there, but it seems that you can go all Agent J and blast away the green alien from inside his belly. Your alien-blasting may vary.

I feel gameplay here is kind of an L.A. Noir/dare-I-say-GTA vibe. It works, and the open-world environment is pretty neat.

Thoughts About Timothy Vs The Aliens

I am sometimes in awe of the subject of aliens and aliens in games. I’m not exactly sure where it started, but you’ll find plenty of alien-themed games on this site. When I was a kid, I literally wanted to be a MiB after seeing the movie Men in Black. I mean really. I enjoy what there is of MIB 3, and was happy to find it pretty great for a sequel at its core. Rare.

I have to say though, that amongst the varying themes on aliens in games/movies, these guys really narrowed in on a good match for a playful but exciting game. The way they contrast with the black-and-white environment is very cool to look at actually. It’s almost as if their fluorescent skin is glowing, maybe it is. It certainly makes it easier to hunt them down too.

Thank You

I used to play games like this quite a bit. I know it’s a shooter, unusual for my coverage, but it’s pretty chill. If that sounds cool to you, check it out! I’ve got the link below, and you can support an indie developer by doing so. Play with a friend! Make a video! This one is good for some googly old-fashion fun!

Thank you so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. I’ve got new content up all the time, and I encourage you to look around and please come back!

This game is available on Steam: https://s.team/a/853060?curator_clanid=40853436&utm_source=IndieGameCollective

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