Unbound: Worlds Apart is a Unique & Thrilling Indie Out Now

Unbound: Worlds Apart is a unique new 2D platformer with a fantasy twist and versatile special abilities. On the surface, it’s a beautiful game, on par with the likes of Ori and the Will of the Wisps. On inspection, there’s a heck ton of attention paid to the fine details of the environment.

And when you actually play, solving puzzles with your special ability rolls off your controller quite intuitively. This is a high-quality production for those who love platformers and want to really see what’s possible in this genre. If you’re ready to brave a collapsing reality inexplicably parallel to a world of creepy crawly things, but recluse in your summonable portals, say that 5 times fast and push the dang portal button.

The ability to showcase this game is made possible by Alien Pixel Studios and my friends at Indie Game Collective.

Descend into Unbound: Worlds Apart

I’ve gotten really fond of platformers recently. There is an alluring characteristic of these games that provides the ability to jump in, play for a bit, then jump out.

Unbound: Worlds Apart does have an interesting story, and it continues throughout the game. I find this style similarly if not equally compelling as high fanbase games like Hollow Knight and Ori. So be ready to jump right into the main gameplay but also learn more about the world you’re exploring–without sacrificing action!

The world is filled with strange eyeball/pincer monsters of all scales, although you shouldn’t have too much trouble reality-hopping away from a giant pincer or googly-eyed arachnid. <shudder> There is so much detail to things in this game that will exist for a moment, then disappear for a while. It almost mimics the nature of real life, a straight-arrow of experiences with a premium destination. The optimism of this art direction is recognized by me, and I find it really compelling and rare.


The developer Press Kit boasts the following features explaining the game. You can easily gather from them that this is a full-fledged adventure, with twists, turns, foes, and heroism.

  • Explore the beauty and the danger of long-forgotten hand-crafted worlds through a dark fairy tale story. Unravel their secrets and their past through an extraordinary journey.
  • A variety of magic portals that can help you to progress through the worlds and solve unique puzzles as they shape-shift creatures, reveal solutions, or hurt you
  •  Decide your path, in a non-sequential level design of the world. Gather more knowledge about some puzzles that seem to be impossible at first and come back and apply what you learned.
  •  Encounter deadly monsters that lurk through the world preventing you to accomplish your mission.
  •  A reach and beautiful soundtrack will set an epic mood and a wonderful experience

Now You’re Platforming With Portals

Another thing I want to discuss is how it has become pretty standard for most platformers to give the main character a special ability. Usually, this is based on a magical artifact or in-world explanation. There are a couple of abilities here, particularly the ability to create a portal that creates a bubble that separates two realities. One is a safe normal reality, and the other is a catastrophic reality full of monsters. There is so much potential for ideas like this, and they’re really met here in Unbound: Worlds Apart.

What I like about this ability is the worlds in the game are pretty dangerous! Sometimes you’ll need to just jump a ledge that only exists in the other reality. Other times, a passage will open, but you’ll need to avoid the giant bunch of eyeballs creature that also exists in that reality.

It is really amusing and quite fun. If you use your mind, you can figure out how to get through any of these obstacles. And if not, you can try over and over, pretty easily, since respawning generally sends you right back to where you were.

The monsters are quick, but so are you, and if you keep up with your portals, you’re going to be jumping between realities with ease.

Final Thoughts on Unbound: Worlds Apart

This game is a very recent release, and it’s honestly one of the best value indie platformers new on Steam right now. Make sure to snag a copy at the link below if you decide to play it, and you’ll get a 15% off deal.

Thank you so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. I’m getting close to really getting serious about expanding content, and there are many new changes that make it easier to explore. So please have a look around, and come back again!

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