UROS: A Trip Through Shadows is a New Freebie Student Game

UROS: A Trip Through Shadows is a game from the ESAT student game studio program in Valencia. I previously reviewed a title from this group called Twin Stones which was extremely fun. UROS is a 2D fantasy action platformer-style game that exhibits independent lore that borrows from Hades-like underworld lore.

As you progress through the map of UROS you will unlock new areas and obstacles and make your way toward, presumably, a scenario related to the opening storyline. So glad I caught this one. Let’s go with another review at Mr. Dave Pizza!

The Details on UROS

Full disclosure first, this game is free! I am not providing any lucrative hidden information here. I simply downloaded the game on Steam and started playing. Most of the student studios on Steam post their essentially finished titles for free on Steam, it is a good way to find games usually, and many are of exceptional quality. Also, on the table, this review has been done in collaboration with Indie Game Collective, as a part of a series of games we are regularly showcasing with, for, and on behalf of developers. If you’d like more information on that, click here.

The gameplay of UROS is right in there with all your favorite Metroidvania-type games. Leap from platform to platform, hack and slash through foes and barriers, and progress through the storyline. The essential premise of the game is that amongst a pantheon of gods, one god, Strogobor, has inflicted corruption and sorrow upon the dream world that has turned the dream world into a shadowy underworld of toxic creatures. The ambiance, therefore, has dark bruising hues and unnatural foes.

Jump Around, Jump Around

Moving around and interacting in UROS is pretty easy. Standard W, A, S, D, and some mouse interaction. I did not find a whole lot to interact within my initial run, although there are apparently shops where you can purchase powerups. At a certain point, I miscalculated a jump and was thrown back on the map quite far. Some of the routes to different areas are false leads, but luckily you can press the tab key to open an overlay map of everywhere in the level with a personal pinpointer for where you currently are.

I am starting to become very interested in platformers because the gameplay is fairly easy to just pick up and play. On its own, UROS has a sophisticated art direction and plenty of compelling abilities. It seems that any good platformer or Metroidvania, in my opinion, should have one good ability in addition to the conventional skills.

In UROS, press E often, the health rejuvenating key. You should be able to make it really far on any map if you consistently refill your health. A little bubble drains and replenishes in concordance with how often you replenish. It seems pretty generous, at least in my session. I believe there is a very similar mechanic within Hollow Knight, so keep that in mind if you’re familiar with it.

Some Reflections From Shadowmoon

I’m starting to see a lot of aesthetics I associate with that one popular Blizzard Entertainment game that everyone knows. I really don’t mind this at all. In fact, that is one of the major things I loved about that game. A lot of us have moved on not missing the griefing, however, still yearning for the aesthetic. I do not think that’s what was in mind here, but it plays to an artistic style that is as nostalgic to me as anything else that is memorable.

UROS Glowing Thoughts

Considering UROS: A Trip Through Shadows is free and it’s beautiful and challenging, I have nothing but positive things to say. It’s a nice platformer indulgence, and you literally have nothing to lose to play it. So, go check it out now, and share the experience in your own way!

Thank you so much to Orinic Games, ESAT, and Indie Game Collective for facilitating this showcase and bringing it to you!

Also, thank YOU for reading MrDavePizza.com. I hope you enjoy this article and please have a look around and read as much as you like!

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