Browsing ItchIO Games is The Best Way to Find New & Interesting Indies HOW-TO

How and Why to Use Itch.IO

Welcome to my quick guide and intro to downloading an ItchIO Game, and what the advantages of the ItchIO platform are for indie gamers.

When I first started this site I really had a rather limited knowledge about indie games or where to find them. A college friend once scolded me for investing so much time into video games, when I could, as he put it, make a game! I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t know what he meant until much later. He’d been courteous enough to share a design proposal he’d created for one of his classes. And that was pretty much that.

I started seeing lots of indie games pop up when I started MrDavePizza because a lot of the people on social media who are interested in gaming communities are developers themselves. That part is very important. At first, there were the Switch games I hash-tagged indie. The gateway was mostly Android games, but then I found the indie game promised land:

What kind of Interesting Games are on?

Looking For an Itchio Game
The Mainpage

Itch.IO is an indie game developer platformer/catalog where indie devs can submit various stages of their projects for purposes of testing, marketing, publication, and profiting. I’m not totally sure where the name comes from, it hasn’t really ever been an issue, except that it is actually the name and web address of Itch.IO (

Finding the Best & Most Interesting ItchIO Games

Just one advisory: For some reason, there are loads of crazy horror games that seem to be everywhere on Itch.IO. I am not really sure why, but it took a few visits before I realized there was a lot more stuff besides that. If that’s your bag, cool, but there is lots of other stuff!

ItchIO has a very organic feel to it compared to some major catalogs but it’s not meant to replace those things, it is its own thing. If you do go to the website, I recommend the client to be honest, because it will help you keep track of what you played. And let me tell you, if you want to try some totally crazy awesome unique ideas from really creative people this is where to go, there will be plenty.

Using the Client to Find an ItchiO Game

If this seems at all a bit optimistic, it’s not just that, it’s a functioning market that’s a million times more radical, civilized, and financially supportive some really creative people than you might imagine.

Just a quick advisory, I haven’t seen anything TOO weird here, but the games are just about as topical as any other game service. So, yeah, there’s some mature stuff. But there’s definitely a huge community for those games which I didn’t realize until recently. Lots of cool, non-weird stuff though too, and I’m fine with an open mind!

Some Other Things To Know When Looking for an Interesting ItchIO Game

Most of the games in the final production stage are available on an honor system. If you can contribute to a developer, a brief prompt will ask you how much you’d like to contribute if you do. It is not really necessary though and most are available free anyway. You can also try it and donate later. There’s a lot of opportunity for a game here that on Steam may never reach the light of day, but on Itch.IO gets 200 $5 donations for a demo. It’s pretty great for everybody.

Because this is not a cash grab enterprise, this community is not mentioned on a lot of gaming news sources. Also, many games are in a disheveled state because they are still being developed. That’s not a criticism, it’s the sign of bustling creative minds working together. There’s a lot of game developer stuff like asset packs and skins and stuff I don’t know anything about, so I don’t touch them.

Oh, also you can play this on several operating systems, even in your browser. I think Windows is probably the best place though, as far as options go. It seems to have the most options at least. Lots of MacOS games though, and Linux! I haven’t run into anything terribly graphic intensive, but that might be in there somewhere.

Now You’ve Got It

Anyway, I just wanted to provide some info on what Itch.IO is because I post a lot of games from there and it might help to know what exactly it is. I intend to post more in the future too.

Check out Itch.IO, try some games, maybe even support some folks. These are crucial times, my friends.

P.S. The featured image art for this article is from the game Dogness on Itch.IO. Check it out!

Thank you so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. I review indie games and talk about how you can make and play them on my site. Please have a look around, and if you like what you see, please come back again!

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