With You is Still Fun For “Single” Players

with you game

With You is from Carol Mertz and Insatiable Cycle, the same publisher of “We should talk.” It’s a simple co-op puzzle platformer that can be played with a keyboard. It can also be played as one player using the respective sides of their keyboard to control the two main characters.

How to Play

Solve puzzles by figuring out geometric obstacles, flipping around your square and half-circle buddies so that they can fit into the floating sections on the two-dimensional plane behind them, and unlocking the next levels. The game features a cute style, with a pleasant soundtrack, and is described on the Steam page as a game “that hopes to inspire couples to connect, communicate, and collaborate.” I think it succeeds, and that’s why it is my free game today, which has also got me back on the hunt for more free Steam games!


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